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PAF plays a significant role amid Pak-China support to each other to combat COVID-19

  • April 26, 2020
PAF plays a significant role amid Pak-China support to each other to combat COVID-19
Image caption PAF plays a significant role amid Pak-China support to each other to combat COVID-19

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has shown valour, steadfastness and forbearance in the face of all crises and emerged victorious, earning national and international acclaim and applause.

In this context, one should remember the PAF’s phenomenal role during the 2005 earthquake that shook the entire country, killing and maiming thousands while rendering many others homeless. The force deployed its C-130 aircraft that shifted the injured to hospitals even when the runways had virtually broken and cracked due to the devastating effects of the quake.

Talking to The News about the prevailing situation, Pakistan Air Force officials have shared some details of their ongoing operations in the country. They said that after the quake, PAF pilots had distributed food handouts and other essential items at lower altitudes, rescued people to relatively safe areas, and provided relief to suffering people. The marathon operation — in which a fleet of C-130, CN-235, B-707, Alouette-III and Y-12 aircraft played a major role — continued from October 10, 2005, to January 2006. Moreover, a total of 2,442 tonnes of food and other essential items, including medicines, were shifted and many people were rescued.

At the moment, the world is faced with another crisis of alarming proportions — the COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus — that has wreaked havoc in Europe and the US, killing over 180,000 people so far.

A crisis that first broke out in China’s city Wuhan in December last year has now got a foothold in Pakistan, and many citizens have been affected by the pandemic. Even when the coronavirus struck China, the Pakistan Air Force, quite daringly, provided the Chinese with all imaginable assistance, with their first flight reaching Urumqi on 1st February 2020. A 16-member crew aboard the IL-78 aircraft provided China with seven tonnes of important items, including medicines.


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