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Port Qasim Power Plant under CPEC achieves first anniversary of commercial operations

  • May 10, 2019
Port Qasim Power Plant under CPEC achieves first anniversary of commercial operations
Image caption Port Qasim Power Plant under CPEC achieves first anniversary of commercial operations

As the first large-scale energy project under CPEC, the Port Qasim Coal-fired Power Plant Project has achieved the first anniversary of commercial operation with a cumulative power generation of 10 billion units, said PowerChina Resources Chairman Sheng Yuming at a press conference here on Thursday.

“The project developed by PowerChina with the integration of the whole industrial chain has injected strong electric energy into the state grid, provided clean and affordable energy for the people, and continues to inject new impetus into the construction of CPEC,” he said.

In April 2015, the implementation agreement and power purchase agreement were signed by leaders of the two countries during President Xi’s visit to Pakistan. Port Qasim Power Project is jointly developed by PowerChina and Qatar’s Al Mirqab Capital, with a total investment of $2.085 billion, installed capacity of 1320MW, and a construction period of 36 months. With the joint efforts of China and Pakistan, PowerChina completed construction of the project within only 32 months.

“This project is no doubt the fruit of continuous deepening of the all-weather strategic cooperative partnership between China and Pakistan, the witness of the brotherhood of two nations, and a shining example of sound energy cooperation between the two countries of China and Pakistan,” Sheng Yuming said. “During the construction and operation of the Port Qasim Power Project, we gained the attention, support and help from all relevant parties. We like to express sincerest gratitude to Chinese and Pakistan government authorities for this,” he added.

Chairman says plant is the cleanest and most efficient in Pakistan, with the largest installed capacity and the lowest tariff

“Due to advanced standards, technology and equipments, Port Qasim Power Project is the cleanest and most efficient power plant with the largest installed capacity and the lowest tariff in Pakistan. It has optimized the power structure in Pakistan and also has a profound impact on promoting infrastructure construction and economic development, and improving people’s livelihood,” Sheng Yuming said. “After Port Qasim Power Plant entered into commercial operations, the average annual energy output was around nine billion kilowatts, which supported four million local families’ daily power consumption and effectively addressed the local power shortage situation,” he continued. “It is calculated that the annual power generation of Port Qasim Power Project accounts for one tenth of the total power supply of state grid in Pakistan, effectively guaranteeing the power supply, reducing the overall cost of tariff of power purchaser and end users in Pakistan, and playing an important role in further promoting the energy structure adjustment and rapid economic development of Pakistan,” he added.

PowerChina Resources Vice Chairman Sun Shuhua said during construction and operation of the Port Qasim Power Project, focus was laid on sharing advanced engineering techniques and specialty of power industry with Pakistan to improve Pakistan’s industrial level. “PowerChina has been actively exploring qualified and potential local subcontractors, and establishing good engineering subcontracting links with them. We shared advanced engineering technology and management concepts, and enhanced the training and education for local senior technicians and management personnel in the fields of engineering technology, safety and quality,” he added.

“We adhere to the concept of green development, scientific development and attach great importance to environmental protection. In strict accordance with international environmental protection standards and Pakistani environmental protection standards, Port Qasim Power Project has transplanted 125 acres of mangroves in the past two years to retain the clean water and blue sky, while providing continuous power supply for Pakistan, which has been highly praised by the Environmental Protection Agency and the local communities,” he said. “Due to the efforts made by the Port Qasim Power Project to protect the environment, the project was awarded the Pakistani Environmental Protection Excellence Award in 2018,” he added.

“By upholding the principle of openness, win-win cooperation for mutual benefits, we have been promoting localization strategy and differentiated management to increase the proportion of Pakistani employees and managers,” he said, to a question. “PowerChina created over 4,000 employment opportunities for the local people in the peak period of construction, and more than 600 jobs during the operation period. Also, the project indirectly increases local job opportunities by over 10 thousand in relevant fields such as materials supply, equipment transportation, legal advice, financial audit, and contributes tax and duties revenue over $240 million to federal and local governments,” he added.


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Port Qasim Power Plant under CPEC achieves first anniversary of commercial operations